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Welcome to TMS WEB Core. TMS WEB Core is the foundation of an exciting new and modern way for creating web client applications from Delphi using RAD development methodology and using a component-based framework.

Scope and architecture

TMS WEB Core is based on compiling Delphi UI code to JavaScript and creating this way what is called Single-Page-Applications. The terminology "page" should not be confused with forms that Delphi developers are used to. A TMS WEB Core application can contain multiple forms. These multiple forms will be hosted in a JavaScript application a web browser user can navigate to via a single page URL. We will further refer to TMS WEB Core applications as web client applications. This means applications running as JavaScript code in the browser client (left). The web client application will typically communicate with a server or servers for working with data or other services (right). The TMS WEB Core web client application is open to work with different server technologies. This includes but is not limited to TMS XData, Embarcadero RAD Server, node.js, ASP.NET Core microservices. The typical technology used for this communication is via HTTP REST APIs.

More information about using TMS XData as a backend for TMS WEB Core web client applications can be found at:

TMS XData provides 3 components to make it easier to consume a TMS XData REST API:




Additional resources

In addition to this product manual and the various sample applications included in the product are additional resources

Online videos

We have produced several videos explaining specific functionality in the TMS WEB Core framework:

Online training course is offering an extensive online video course explaining TMS WEB Core, its architecture, its components, working with templates and connecting with databases in the backend:


A book covering TMS WEB Core written by Dr. Holger Flick, chief evangelist at is available in both German and English language at Amazon. The book content is summarized here:

  • Detailed description of the basics, the functionality, and the transpiler (based on pas2js)
  • Step-by-step creation of the first web application
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA) for offline use
  • Electron applications: Cross-platform Desktop applications based on web applications
  • Integration of JavaScript classes and controls
  • Creating web services for databases with TMS XData
  • Integration of databases with TDataset controls
  • XData-specific functionality for use in web applications
  • Responsive web design (form designer, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)
  • The final chapter provides a comprehensive and practical example of server and web application with Google Maps and Google Charts
  • The content is suitable for both beginners and advanced developers interested in creating web applications with TMS WEB Core.