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TWebWaitMessage is a non-visual component that enables to show a wait cursor during lengthy operations. TWebWaitMessage shows by default a running wheel animated GIF in the center of the browser window with all controls in the window disabled.

Designtime Runtime

Properties for TWebWaitMessage

Property Description
Picture: TImage Image that is displayed while the wait message is active. By default, this is set to an animated GIF with a running wheel. Typically this is an animated GIF.
PictureURL: string Optionally sets the picture to be used in the wait message as image URL
Opacity: double Sets the opacity of the layer shown over the window while the wait message is active
Showing: boolean Returns true while the wait message is being displayed
TimeOut: integer When the value is larger than zero, sets the number of milliseconds after which the wait message is automatically hidden

Methods for TWebWaitMessage

Method Description
Show Method to show the wait message
Hide Method to hide the wait message

Events for TWebWaitMessage

Event Description
OnHide Event triggered when the wait message was closed
OnShow Event triggered when the wait message was shown