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Below is a list of the most important properties methods and events for TWebRichEditToolbar.

Designtime Runtime

Properties for TWebRichEditToolbar

Property Description
ElementClassName Optionally sets the CSS classname for the label when styling via CSS is used
ElementID Optionally sets the HTML element ID for a HTML element in the form HTML file the label needs to be connected with. When connected, no new label is created but the Delphi class is connected with the existing HTML element in the form HTML file
Hints Contains the list of hint property vaues for the buttons in the ribbon
RichEdit Sets the TWebRichEdit component with which the toolbar interacts
VisibleButtons ets what button on the toolbar are visible. This is a set property with following possible values:
reFont, reFontSize, reBold, reItalic, reUnderline, reStrikeThrough, reAlignLeft, reAlignCenter, reAlignRight, reUnorderedList, reOrderedList, reForegroundColor, reBackgroundColor, reHyperlink, reImageInsert, reLineSpacing

Events for TWebRichEditToolbar

Property Description
OnClick Event triggered when the toolbar is clicked
OnDblClick Event triggered when the toolbar is double-clicked