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Below is a list of the most important properties methods and events for TWebJQXTabs. TWebJQXTabs is similar to a VCL TPageControl.

Designtime Runtime

HTML template tag

The HTML tag the component can be associated with in an HTML template. Assign the ID attribute with a unique value and set the identical value to the ElementID property. Detailed information can be found in the Use of HTML templates topic.

HTML tag <DIV ID=”UniqueID”></DIV>
ElementID UniqueID

Properties for TWebJQXTabs

Property Description
Collapsible Sets if the tab is collapsible by clicking the selected tab
EnableHover Sets if a hover effect is displayed when hovering a tab with the mouse cursor
EnableScrollAnimation Sets if animation is used when scrolling through the tabs
Position Sets the position of the tabs row. Options are Top and Bottom
Reorder Sets if the tabs can be reordered with drag and drop
ScrollPosition Sets the position of the scrollbar arrows. Options are Left, Right and Both
ScrollStep Sets the distance in pixels that is scrolled with the scroll arrows
SelectionTracker Sets if an animated effect is displayed when switching between tabs
TabIndex Sets the index of the active tab
ToggleMode Sets the method used to select a tab. Options are Click, DoubleClick and MouseEnter
Theme Sets the name of the theme that is used to display the control

Events for TWebJQXTabs

Property Description
OnSelected Event triggered when a new tab is selected
OnTabClick Event triggered when a tab is clicked