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Below is a list of the most important properties methods and events for TWebJQXRangeSelector. Represents a control that can be used to select a numeric range.

Designtime Runtime

HTML template tag

The HTML tag the component can be associated with in an HTML template. Assign the ID attribute with a unique value and set the identical value to the ElementID property. Detailed information can be found in the Use of HTML templates topic.

HTML tag <DIV ID=”UniqueID”></DIV>
ElementID UniqueID

Properties for TWebJQXRangeSelector

Property Description
Maximum Sets the maximum value of the range
MaximumValue Sets the end value of the selected range
Minimum Sets the minimum value of the range
MinimumValue Sets the start value of the selected range
MajorTicksInterval Sets the interval between major ticks
MinorTicksInterval Sets the interval between minor ticks
MoveOnClick Sets if the range is moved left or right when the range selector is clicked
Resizable Sets the if the initial range can be resized by dragging the thumbs
ShowMajorTicks Sets if the major ticks are displayed
ShowMinorTicks Sets if the minor ticks are displayed
ShowMarkers Sets if the markers (thumbs) are displayed
Theme Sets the name of the theme that is used to display the control

Events for TWebJQXRangeSelector

Property Description
OnChange Event triggered when the range is changed