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This is a DB-aware grid. A grid column connects typically to a DB field and allows to show the content of the DB field in a column of the grid.

It inherits all properties, methods & events of the non DB-aware TWebStringGrid.

The column in the TWebDBGrid.Columns collection has following properties:

Property Description
Alignment: TTextAlign Sets text alignment for the column
ComboBoxItems Stringlist holding the items for the combobox used as cell inplace editor for the column
DataField Sets the DB field that should be displayed in the column
DataType Defines whether the DB field connected to the column should be displayed as text, an image or a hyperlink
EditMask Sets the mask used by the cell editor when it is of the type geMask
Editor Sets the cell editor type for the column. The supported editor types are:
geText: normal edit
geNumber: spin edit
geDate: datepicker
geTime: timepicker
geRange: range selector
geColor: color picker
geWeek: week selector
geMonth: month selector
geURL: URL editor
geEmail: Email editor
geTel: Telephone editor
geMask: masked edit control
geCombo: combobox
ElementClassName Sets an optional CSS class name for the cells of the column
ImageWidth When different from zero, sets the width on images rendered in the column
Title Sets the column header text
TitleElementClassName Sets an optional CSS class name for the header cell of the column
Width Sets the width of the column (in pixels)