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TWebCookies is a collection class for managing cookies in your web application. It is defined in the unit WEBLib.Cookies. This is a collection of TWebCookie items. The TWebCookie item has following properties:

Property Description
property Name:string; gets or sets the cookie name/identifier
property Value:string; gets or sets the cookie value
property Expiry:TDateTime; gets or sets the cookie expiry date
property Path gets or sets the cookie path

The path parameter specifies a document location for the cookie, so it’s assigned to a specific path, and sent to the server only if the path matches the current document location, or a parent:

To get the browser cookies for the application URL in the TWebCookies collection call TWebCookies.GetCookies. For updating the cookies in the browser after making changes to the collection TWebCookie items, call TWebCookies.SetCookies.

Other TWebCookies collection methods:

Method Description
procedure Delete(ACookie: TCookie); Delete a cookie by instance
procedure Delete(const AName: string); Delete a cookie by name
function Add(const AName, AValue: string; Expiry: TDateTime): TCookie;
function Add(const AName, AValue: string): TCookie;
function Add(const AName, AValue, APath: string): TCookie;
function Add(const AName, AValue, APath: string; Expiry: TDateTime): TCookie;

Four different overload functions that allow to a add a new cookie to the TWebCookies collection.

Property Description
property Items[Index: integer]: TCookie; Property providing access to each cookie in the collection by an array indexer
function Find(const AName: string): TCookie; Find a cookie instance by name in the collection