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Below is a list of the most important properties and methods for TMiletusWindow. This component allows the creation of multiple application windows, which can be linked to forms or other sources.

Designtime Runtime

Properties for TMiletusWindow

Property Description
FormClass: TFormClass Sets the form class of the TMiletusWindow.

Methods for TMiletusWindow

Property Description
Close Method to close the window
Hide Method to hide the window.
LoadFromURL(URL: string) Method to load from the given URL. It can be a URL or a path to a local file too.
Show Method to show the window.
ShowModal Method to show the window as a modal It blocks the parent window.

Events for TMiletusWindow

Property Description
OnClose Triggers when the window closes.
OnHide Triggered when the window gets hidden.
OnMaximize Triggers when the window is maximized.
OnMinimize Triggers when the window is minimized.
OnResize Triggers when the window is resized.
OnShow Triggers when the window is shown.

Multiple windows using forms

Forms that are added to the project can be used as a source for the page to be shown in the window. In order to achieve this, a few steps have to be made:

  1. The form class needs to be assigned to the correct TMiletusWindow instance. To do this, first the unit that contains the form has to be added to the uses list. For example: We would like to use the TForm2 from Unit2 in Unit1. Then in the uses list of Unit1 add Unit2.

  2. After this, in the form's OnCreate event we can assign the form class to the TMiletusWindow with the code below.

  3. MiletusWindow1.FormClass := TForm2;

From now on, whenever MiletusWindow1.Show is called, it creates the window for us automatically. Please be aware that each form has their own memory and there's no globally shared object between them.

Multiple windows using other sources

An HTML file or a link to a website can also be used inside a TMiletusWindow. In this case the only necessary step is to call the URL load method in the OnCreate event of the form.


Showing a window

To show the window after its content had been set, simply call Show or ShowModal. The expected behaviour is that showing a modal window will block the parent window until the modal itself gets closed.

Communication between forms

It is possible to send messages between forms. Follow these steps to enable your forms for messaging:

//Register your form with a unique name that you can refer to later.
procedure TForm1.MiletusFormCreate(Sender: TObject);

//Send a message to a registered form with the following call:
procedure TForm2.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  SendMessage('myFormId', 'My message');