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Below is a list of the most important properties and methods for TMiletusOpenDialog. This component allows to display a native open dialog.

Designtime Runtime

Properties for TMiletusOpenDialog

Property Description
DefaultExt: string Sets the default extension of files to pick
FileName: string Returns the filename with full path that has been opened.
Files: TStrings A list of file paths. It can be accessed after the sync Execute or in the Execute callback.
Filter: string Sets the file type filters.
InitialDir: string Sets the initial folder where to open files
Options A set of options.
Title: string Sets the title of the open window.

Methods for TMiletusOpenDialog

Property Description
Execute Function that synchronously shows the dialog. Keep in mind that the web application will be frozen until the function resolves
Execute(AProc: TMiletusDialogProc) Method to show the open dialog asynchronously. The AProc parameter is a method pointer for a method that is called when the dialog is closed. Any result from the dialog is available through the callback