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Below is a list of available methods for TElectronWindow. This class allows to control the page that has been loaded into the window (for example: edit commands). Instead of creating a TElectronWindow instance, ElectronWindow can be used.

Methods for TElectronWindow

Property Description
CloseApp Method to invoke an application closing call.
CloseWindow Method to invoke a window closing call.
CloseDevTools Method to close the developer tools.
Copy Method that executes the copy editing command.
CopyImageAt(X, Y: NativeInt) Method that copies the image at the given position to the clipboard.
Cut Method that executes the cut editing command.
Delete Method that executes the delete editing command.
DownloadURL(URL: string) Method that initiates the download of the resource at the URL without navigating. It will prompt a save dialog.
GetURL: string Function that retrieves the current URL.
OpenDevTools Method to open the developer tools.
Paste Method that executes the paste editing command.
Redo Method that executes the redo editing command.
Reload Method for reloading the current window.
Replace(AText: string) Method that executes the replace editing command.
ReplaceMisspelling(AText: string) Method that executes the replaceMisspelling editing command.
SelectAll Method that executes the selectAll editing command.
ToggleDevTools Method to toggle the developer tools.
Undo Method that executes the undo editing command.
Unselect Method that executes the unselect editing command.

Other available methods

Property Description
CreateBlobFromFile(FileName: string): TJSBlob Function that creates a TJSBlob from a file using the given file name.
CreateUint8ArrayFromFile(FileName: string): TJSUint8Array Function that creates a TJSUint8Array from a file using the given file name.
DownloadToFolder(URL, Path: string) Method to download the resource from the given URL to the given Path, without prompting a saving dialog.
GetElectronFileList(Source: TJSEvent): TJSElectronFileList Function to be used with the WEB components' drag and drop functionality. From the source it will create an array of TJSElectronFile which equals to TJSHTMLFile with an additional path property.
ShortCutToText(ShortCut: TShortCut): string Function that creates an Electron accepted shortcut string from a TShortCut.