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The component TElectronPostgreSQLClientDataSet makes it easy for an Electron application to create and use PostgreSQL databases by a familiar syntax of using ClientDataSet. It also allows a seamless integration of a PostgreSQL database with data-aware components like TWebDBGrid. All the database operations can be done in the standard Delphi way through the TElectronPostgreSQLClientDataSet component.

Please follow the steps explained in the "Set up your project with local databases" section of this documentation. After the initial setup, all you need to do is specify the TableName and IndexName properties and add the field definitions either in design time or in code in a standard Delphi syntax. Then connect it to a TElectronPostgreSQLConnection component, connect a DataSource and Data components to it and make the dataset active.

Todo List Demo

You can set up a database for the demo either locally by downloading and installing PostgreSQL or by using an online service. In case of an online service it's better to save your credentials somewhere safe as you might not be able to retrieve them later. After the database has been created you can use the following SQL command to create a table that matches the expected syntax of our Todo List Demo:

  status VARCHAR(10),
  descr TEXT,
  due_date DATE

Before you run the demo, first you need to install the correct node module in the output folder of the project:

  1. Build the project and go to the output folder based on your configuration (Debug, Build-...).
  2. Install the pg node module: npm install pg

  3. Now you'll need to build the project again before running it. Set your credentials in the UPostgreSQL_TodoList.pas unit:

pgConnection.Host := 'your_host_name';
//this is the default port, replace if yours is different
//pgConnection.Port := 5432;
pgConnection.DatabaseName := 'your_db_name';
Use your username and password at runtime.

BLOB demo

For detailed setup, refer to the Todo List Demo description.

SQL command to create the table:

  file_name TEXT,
  file BYTEA

Set your credentials in the UPostgreSQL_Blob.pas unit:

ElectronPostgreSQLConnection1.Host := 'your_host';
ElectronPostgreSQLConnection1.DatabaseName := 'your_db_name';
//ElectronPostgreSQLConnection1.Port := 5432;
ElectronPostgreSQLConnection1.User := 'your_user';
ElectronPostgreSQLConnection1.Password := 'your_password';

Properties for TElectronPostgreSQLClientDataSet

Property Description
IndexName Name of the primary key field of the table
TableName Name of the table