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Below is a list of the most important properties and methods for TElectronOpenDialog. This component allows to display a native open dialog.

Designtime Runtime

Properties for TElectronOpenDialog

Property Description
ButtonLabel: string Sets the text that will be shown inside the default "Open" button.
DefaultPath: string Sets the default path where the dialog is opened.
FileName: string Returns the filename with full path that has been opened.
Filters: string Sets the file type filters.
Options A set of options. On Windows and Linux an open dialog can't be a file selector and a directory selector at the same time. Choosing both will result in a directory selector.
Title: string Sets the title of the open window.

Methods for TElectronOpenDialog

Property Description
Execute(AProc: TSelectOpenFileCallBack) Function to show the open dialog. The AProc parameter is a method pointer for a method that is called when the dialog is closed. Any result from the dialog is available through the callback.

See example usage at TElectronStringList: Example 1.