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Below is a list of the most important properties and methods for TElectronMessageBox. This component allows to display a native message dialog.

Designtime Runtime

Properties for TElectronMessageBox

Property Description
Buttons: TStringList Sets the buttons
CancelId: Integer Sets the index of the button to be used to cancel the dialog via the Esc key. By default it's assigned to the first button that has the "Cancel" or "No" label.
CheckboxChecked: Boolean Sets and returns the checked status of the checkbox.
CheckboxLabel: string Sets the checkbox text.
DefaultId: Integer Index of the button from the Buttons list which will be selected by default.
Detail: string Adds extra information to the Message of the dialog.
DialogType Sets the type of the dialog. The default value is embNone. On Windows embQuestion has the same icon as embInfo. On macOS embWarning and embError has the same warning icon.
IconPath: string Sets the path to the icon.
IconURL: string Base64 encoded string that represents the icon.
Message: string Sets the content of the dialog.
NoLink: Boolean On Windows Electron tries to figure out the common buttons from the Buttons list (for example: "Yes", "Cancel"). The rest will be turned into command links.
NormalizeAccessKeys: Boolean Normalize the keyboard access keys across platforms. Use & in the button label, which then will be converted for each platform accordingly. For example, a button label of Vie&w will be converted to Vie_w on Linux and View on macOS and can be selected via Alt-W on Windows and Linux.
Response: Integer Returns the index of the button that was clicked.
Title: string Sets the title of the dialog.

Methods for TElectronMessageBox

Property Description
Execute(AProc: TSelectMessageBoxCallBack = nil) Method to show the message dialog. The AProc parameter is a method pointer for a method that is optionally called if assigned when the dialog is closed. Any result from the dialog is available through the callback.