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Below is a list of the most important properties, methods and events for TElectronIPCCommunication. This component allows the communication between windows.

Properties for TElectronIPCCommunication

Property Description
Channel: string Sets the channel the IPCRenderer is going to listen to. If left blank, it listens to a default channel that is also used by TElectronBrowserWindow.SendMessage(AMessage: string).

Methods for TElectronIPCCommunication

Property Description
Send(Channel: string; AMessage: JSValue) Sends a message to the specified channel.
Send(Channel: string; AMessage: string) Sends a message to the specified channel.
SendToParent(AMessage: JSValue) Send a message to the parent window.

Events for TElectronIPCCommunication

Property Description
OnReceive Triggers when a message has been received on the default channel. If the Channel property is set, then it triggers when a message arrives on that channel.

Send message to parent

Sending a message to the parent window is as easy as dropping a TElectronIPCCommunication onto the form and calling

Meanwhile on the parent side the sender form's TElectronBrowserWindow.OnMessage event will trigger when messages sent via the SendToParent method are arriving.

Send message to a channel

It's possible to send a message to a defined channel. This way the communication is enabled between every window and not just parent-child windows.

A specific channel can be defined, but it's not required since every TElectronIPCCommunication is listening to a default channel if no Channel is given.

Sending a message to another form is as simple as calling:

ElectronIPCCommunication1.Send('Form2', 'message');
When the Channel property is defined, then the TElectronIPCCommunication component is listening for messages that are arriving on that channel. This allows further possibilites: * Multiple messages can be distinguished: Multiple TElectronIPCCommunication instances are dropped onto the form, and each of them are listening to a different channel. * Multicast: On multiple forms the TElectronIPCCommunication instances are listening for the same channel.

Receiving messages

Whenever a message has arrived to the channel that's being listened by the TElectronIPCCommunication, the OnReceive event triggers.

The message it receives is defined as TReceivedValue. A message type check can be made before proceeding with the processing of the message:

if AMessage.ValueType = jvtString then
The following types are supported: String, Boolean, Integer, Object (TJSObject), Array (TJSArray) and Float.