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jQuery components

TMS WEB Core includes wrapper for the jQWidgets jQuery controls. This UI control can be obtained from:

To get started with the JQWidgets controls, it is important that the JavaScript and CSS libraries for these controls are added to the project. This is done by including the JavaScript libraries and CSS files to the main project HTML file. To get started, either open the main project HTML file from the Delphi IDE and add in the HTML file the script and CSS file references.

In the JQWidgets demo application, this is for example:

To make it easier for development and debugging, TMS WEB Core made a development version ready. To add JQWidgets UI control script references to your project, open the “Manage JavaScript libraries” menu item from the context menu in the Delphi IDE project manager and make sure to add first the jQuery 3.1.1 library reference followed by the JQWidgets development library. There is a reference for the JQWidgets core UI controls and an additional separate reference for the JQWidgets grid:

This adds the needed core JQWidgets library references to the project main HTML files. When you then add jQWidgets UI controls to the form, these controls will dynamically add their required additional JQWidgets to the project HTML file.

Note that the JQWidgets library references added this way are for development purposes only! For a final release, it is required that you put the jQWidgets library files on your server and link to script files on your server!