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The TTMSFNCWXVideoPlayer is a component that lets you play a video from a URL. You can toggle the controls inside the video. But you can also use all features from outside the video.


Property name Description
Autoplay Automatically plays a video when loaded.
Controls Toggles controls inside video component.
CurrentTime Get or set the current time of the video.
Duration (ReadOnly) Get the duration of the video.
IsPlaying Checks if the video is playing.
Loop Restart the video when it ended.
Muted Mute the video.
PlayBackRate Change how fast the video plays.
DisablePictureInPicture Disables the PictureInPicture feature.
AutoPictureInPicture Automatically toggles PictureInPicture when switching tabs (web only).
Poster Loads an image when video data is unavailable.
PictureInPicture Makes the video come out of the component.
URL Sets the video source to load. Can be a local file using "file://".
Volume Set the volume of the video.


Property name Description
ForwardVideo Skips the video with x seconds.
RewindVideo Return x seconds in the video.
Play Start playing the video.
Pause Stop Playing the video.


Property name Description
OnPlay Triggers when the video starts playing.
OnPause Triggers when the video is paused.
OnEnded Triggers when the video is ended.
OnRateChange Triggers when the PlayBackRate has changed.
OnVolumeChange Triggers when the volume has been changed.
OnTimeUpdate Triggers when the CurrentTime has been changed.
OnError Triggers when an error has occurred playing the video.
OnPictureInPictureEnter Triggers when the video enters PictureInPicture.
OnPictureInPictureLeave Triggers when the video leaves PictureInPicture.
OnMetaDataLoaded Triggers when the video metadata has been loaded.
OnVideoInitialized Triggers when the video has been initialized.