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This component lets you convert text to speech. You can use an editor to set the voice at design and runtime or you can set them manually using the properties.

Keep in mind

This component is not supported on Android.


Property name Description
Pitch Get or set the pitch of the speaking voice
Rate Set the rate at how quick the voice is speaking
Volume Set how loud the voice is speaking
Voices Get a list of all available voices
Voice Set a voice to use
IsSpeaking Check if the component is already speaking


Property name Description
Speak Let’s you convert text to speech
Pause Pauses the text to speech
Resume Resumes the text to speech
Cancel Cancels all queued text to speech
ConfigureVoices Opens an editor at runtime to let the user configure the voice


Property name Description
OnVoiceReady Triggers when all voices are finished loading and available in the Voices property
OnStart Triggers when a text has started speaking
OnPause Triggers when the text to speech has been paused
OnResume Triggers when the text to speech has been resumed
OnEnd Triggers when the text to speech has ended