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Component that recognizes text in an image. This component uses Tesseract.js library.

Keep in mind

This component is not supported on Linux!

Having multiple instances of a WEB project using this component open, might cause out-of-memory crashes!


Property to set the language to use for the OCR. There are over a 100 language packs available. You can see all available languages here:

You can load multiple languages by combining them with a +. Example: eng+deu+ned


This property sets the number of workers that will be initialized. Assigning more workers will let you complete more OCR processes simultaneously. The number of workers is minimum 1 and is capped at 15. More than 15 of these workers, cause the application to go out of memory and crash. Please note that the more workers are needed, the longer the initialization of the component is going to take, and the more resources are required. When you start an OCR process the component will assign it to a scheduler and will start the process the moment a worker is available.


There are 4 methods for starting a OCR on an image. The difference between both is the way that the images are loaded. For getting the results of these methods it’s important to subscribe to the OnFinishOCR event which forwards the result. As the whole process is something that happens asyncronous. Only PNG, JPG and JPEG are supported file formats for these methods. The results of these 2 methods will also be added to a ResultList which you can access like this: TTMSFNCWXOCR.ResultList. This list is of the type TObjectList, so you can manipulate this list al you want.


This method accepts a URL of an image somewhere on the internet and then starts the OCR Progress You can call this method like this:



This method accepts a TTMSFNCUtilsFile which can be a local file and converts it to a base64 image and then start the OCR progress.

For uploading a file in TMS Web Core you first have to convert from a TFile to a TTMSFNCUtilsFile. Here is a snippet on how to do this using a TWebFilePicker:

procedure TForm3.WebFilePicker1Change(Sender: TObject);
TTMSFNCUtils.LoadFile(WebFilePicker1.Files[0].FileObject, @DoFileLoaded);
procedure TForm3.DoFileLoaded(const AFile: TTMSFNCUtilsFile);

In VCL an FMX you can just use this:

OpenDialog1.InitialDir := GetCurrentDir;
OpenDialog1.Filter := 'Images |*.PNG;*.JPEG;*.JPG';
if OpenDialog1.Execute then
 Image1.Picture.LoadFromFile( OpenDIalog1.Files[0]);


This method accepts a TBytes array and converts it to base64 and starts the OCR Progress.


This method accepts a base64 string and starts the OCR Progress.


This method cancels all processes and terminates all workers. This causes all workers to reinitialize as well.



This event triggers every time there is an update progress. This send a TTMSFNCWXOCRProgress object along. This object contains a status, progress and a WorkerID which can be used to show status updates of the OCR Process.

procedure TForm3.TMSFNCWXOCR1ProgressOCR(Sender: TObject;
 Progress: TTMSFNCWXOCRProgress);
 Label1.Text := Progress.Status + ': ';
 ProgressBar1.Value := Progress.Progress * 100;


This Event Triggers when the OCR Progress has finished. This event exposes a TTMSFNCOCRResult object.

This object contains all information needed for handling the OCR.

procedure TForm3.TMSFNCWXOCR1FinishOCR(Sender: TObject;
 Result: TTMSFNCWXOCRResult);
 TMSFNCWXJSONFormatter1.JSON.Text := Result.JSONString;
 WebMemo1.Text := Result.Text;
 WebLabel2.caption := 'Confidence: ' + FloatToStr(Result.Confidence);


This event triggers when an error occurs during the OCR process. This error is forwarded as a string in the event listener. This error is a direct message from the library. This means that we have no influence on the messages sent.


This event triggers when all workers have been initialized. After this you can freely start OCR processes.


Property name Description
Text The result in plain text
HOCR The result in HTML format
TSV The result in TSV format
Confidence Score of how certain the process is about this text
Paragraphs List of TTMSFNCParagraphs
Lines List of TTMSFNCLines
Words List of TTMSFNCWords


Property name Description
Text Plain text in this paragraph
Confidence Score of how certain the process is about this paragraph
Lines List of TTMSFNCLines in this paragraph
BBox Object containing coordinates of where this paragraph is situated in the image.


Property name Description
Text Plain text of this line
Confidence Score of how certain the process is about this line
Words List of TTMSFNCWords in this line
Bbox Object containing the coordinates of where this line is situated in the image


Property name Description
Text Plain text of this word
Confidence Score of how certain the process is about this word
BBox Object containing the coordinates of where this word is situated in the image