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The TTMSFNCWXMathEditor is a component that enables you to quickly render math functions and edit them. this component uses the MathLive library.


Geting Started

Most of the functionality is inside the editor itself. You don't have to have knowledge of LaTeX. Simply start typing and use a backslash for things like square root and the editor will render the rest.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The component has a set of keyboard shortcuts that can be used. You can find all of them using this link.

LaTeX Commands

The component supports over 800 LaTeX commands. you can find a list of commands here.


Property name Description
VirtualKeyboardLayout changes the layout of the virtual keyboard. i.e. azerty, qwerty, ...
VirtualKeyboardMode change how the virtual keyboard is activated. i.e. Manual, on focus, ...
VirtualKeyboardTheme change the theme of the Keyboard
VirtualKeyboards set all the virtual keyboards that need to be shown.
MathFormat change the format to export the math function to


Property name Description
CaptureScreenshot Take a screenshot of the component. Triggers the OnCaptureScreenshot Event
GetMath Exports the math function in the chosen format. Triggers the OnGetMath Event
InsertMath Import a LaTeX string to show in the editor
Insert Insert a string at the chosen location

There are a ton of other methods not discribed here. You can find a list of all possible methods here. These methods like an Undo can simply be called by using the the following syntax:



Property name Description
OnInput Triggers when the user inputs characters
OnChange Triggers when the field has been updated
OnGetMath Triggers when the function GetMath has been called