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The TTMSFNCWXJSONFormatter lets you input a JSON string and renders it in a readable JSON object. This component uses the JSONFormatter.js Library.


Property name Description
JSON Sets the JSON string to format
HoverPreviewEnabled Enable preview on hover
HoverPreviewArrayCount Number of array items to show in preview Any array larger than this number will be shown as Array[XXX] where XXX is length of the array
HoverPreviewFieldCount Number of object properties to show for object preview. Any object with more properties that thin number will be truncated.
Theme Sets the theme. Theme can be Light, Dark or Custom. When set to custom, it takes the color settings found under Appearance.
AnimateOpen Enable animations when expanding JSON object
Animate Close Enable animations when closing JSON Object
OpenAtDepth Set How many levels of the rendered tree should open. -1 for expanding all levels and 0 to collapse all levels
Appearance Set the colors for the Custom Theme
UseToJSON Internally uses the toJSON method to render an object as a string as available. Useful for objects like Dates or JavaScript objects used in TMS WEB Core, that might make more sense as a string than as empty objects. True by default