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Property name Description
ClipboardMode Sets the mode for clipboard support.
ColumnAutoSizeOnDblClick Allows auto sizing of a column on double-click. Please note that this will only apply auto sizing on the visible nodes.
ColumnSizing Allows for column sizing.
DragDropMode When true, the treeview supports drag & drop of nodes.
ExtendedEditable Allows extended nodes to be editable.
ExtendedSelectable Allows extended nodes to be selectable.
KeyboardEdit Allows keyboard editing when editing is supported.
Lookup When true, the treeview supports keyboard lookup.
MouseEditMode Sets the mouse edit mode when editing is supported.
MultiSelect Allows for multiple node selection with mouse and keyboard.
ReadOnly Sets the TreeView in readonly mode, which disables node editing on all columns.
Reorder When true, the treeview supports reordering of nodes.
TouchScrolling Allows/disallows touch scrolling. When True, scrolling can be done by flicking the mouse (finger) up / down on the TreeView.

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