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The TTMSFNCSwitch is a component that works like TSwitch. When the layout is set to sloExtended, then the On/Off text becomes visible, and it provides a smoother experience by making the TTMSFNCSwitch’s button draggable.


Property name Description
AppearanceOff Appearance settings for the Off state.
AppearanceOn Appearance settings for the On state.
ButtonAppearance Appearance settings for the button.
Checked Public property to return the checked state.
Layout The 2 values are sloSimple and sloExtended. The Off/On text is only visible in the sloExtended layout.
Orientation Property for enabling or disabling the splitter drawn in between the panels.
Rounded Boolean property to set the corner rounding.
State Off/On state of the switch.


Event name Description
OnBeforeDrawSwitch Event called before drawing the switch’s background.
OnAfterDrawSwitch Event called after drawing the switch’s background.
OnBeforeDrawSwitchButton Event called before drawing the switch’s button.
OnAfterDrawSwitchButton Event called after drawing the switch’s button.
OnStateChange Event called when the state of the switch has changed.