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TTMSFNCSplitter divides the client area of a form into resizable panes. Add a splitter to a form between two aligned controls to allow users to resize the controls at runtime. The splitter sits between a control aligned to one edge of the form and the controls that fill up the rest of the client area. Give the splitter the same alignment as the control that is anchored to the edge of the form. When the user moves the splitter, it resizes the anchored control.


Property name Description
Appearance Property for various appearance settings for the ruler, indents, margins tabs and tickmarks.
MinSize The minimum size of the anchored control.
ResizeStyle Move the splitter Continuous or just Once after releasing.
ShowIndicator Show the indicator in the middle of the splitter.
SplitterIndicator The shape of the indicator: one circle, three circles, one square, three squares, a line or an image.


Event name Description
OnAppearanceChanged Event triggered when the one of the Appereance properties is changed.
OnSplitterMove Event called before the position of the splitter changes.
OnSplitterMoved Event called when the position of the splitter was changed.