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The TTMSFNCPopup is a component that has the capability to display a control inside a fully customizable transparent popup window. This component can be easily configured to display itself positioned at a specific control on the form or a given absolute position. Header and footer are configurable via following properties: After setting properties where the popup must be shown you can use the following methods to popup or close the dialog:


This code snippet assigns a TTMSFNCGrid control to be displayed on the popup and configures the TTMSFNCPopup to open at the bottom of a button on the form.

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
 // assign the tableview as detail control for the popup
 TMSFNCPopup1.ContentControl := TMSFNCGrid1;
 // set the control as reference for position of the popup
 TMSFNCPopup1.PlacementTarget := Button1;
 // show the popup at the bottom of the button centered
 TMSFNCPopup1.Placement := TPlacement.plBottomCenter;