Property name Description
DisabledFill The fill of the item in disabled state.
DisabledStroke The border of the item in disabled state.
Fill The fill of the item.
FixedHeight The height of the item in case the HeightMode is set to fixed.
Font The font of the description/text of the item.
Height The height of the item.
HeightMode The height mode of the item.
HTMLTemplate The template used for rendering HTML formatted text inside an item. Needs to be combined with HTMLTemplateItems at item level.
Margins The margins used around an item.
SelectedFill The fill of the items in selected state.
SelectedStroke The border of the items in selected state.
ShowFocus Shows or hides a focus border round the selected item
Spacing The spacing between items.
Stroke The border of the item.
TitleFont The font of the title of the item.

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