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Property name Description
CollapsedWidth The width of the column in collapsed state.
Expandable Allows changing the column expanded or collapsed state via interaction.
Expanded A property to toggle between expanded and collapsed state of the column.
Fill The background fill of the column.
Filter The filter of the column, that can be used to apply a filter operation to show or hide specific items.
FooterFill The appearance of the footer area.
FooterHorizontalTextAlign The horizontal alignment of the footer text.
FooterStroke The border of the footer area.
FooterText The text of the footer.
FooterTrimming The trimming of the footer text
FooterVerticalTextAlign The vertical alignment of the footer text.
FooterVisible Shows or hides the footer.
FooterWordWrapping Enables or disables word-wrapped text inide the footer.
HeaderFill The appearance of the header area.
HeaderFont The font of the header text.
HeaderHorizontalTextAlign The horizontal alignment of the header text.
HeaderStroke The border of the header area.
HeaderTrimming The trimming of the header text.
HeaderVerticalTextAlign The vertical alignment of the header text.
HeaderVisible Shows or hides the header.
HeaderWordWrapping Enables or disables word wrapped text inside the header
Items[Index] The collection of items inside the column.
ShowFilterButton Shows or hides the filter button inside the column header.
Sorting Enables or disables sorting mode.
Stroke The border of the column.
UseDefaultAppearance Overrides the default appearance configured via the ColumnsAppearance property at kanbanboard level.
Visible The column visibility.
Width The width of the column in expanded state.


Method name Description
AddItem(AText: String = ‘’); Adds a new item to the column.
ApplyFilter; Applies the filter of the column set with the Filter property.
ClearSelection; Clears the selection of a column.
CopyItem(AItem: TTMSFNCKanbanBoardItem; AToColumn: TTMSFNCKanbanBoardColumn; AIndex: Integer = -1): TTMSFNCKanbanBoardItem; Copies an item to a specific column at a specific index. When the index is -1, the item will be placed at the end of the list.
DisableInteraction; Disables interaction with the column.
EnableInteraction; Enables interaction with the column.
GetSelectedItems: TTMSFNCKanbanBoardItemArray; Gets an array of selected items in case multi-select is true.
RemoveFilter; Removes an active filter from the column, but does not clear the filter data.
RemoveFilters; Removes an active filter from the column and clears all filter data.
RemoveItem(AItem: TTMSFNCKanbanBoardItem); Removes an item from the column.
ScrollToItem(AItemIndex: Integer); Scrolls to a specific item index.
SelectedItemCount: Integer; Return the amount of selected items.
SelectItem(AItemIndex: Integer); Selects an item with a specific item index
SelectItems(AItemIndexes: TTMSFNCKanbanBoardIntegerArray); Selects an array of item indexes.
StartEditMode; Starts inplace editing for the selected item.
StartFiltering; Starts filtering.
StopEditMode; Stops inplace editing for the selected item.
StopFiltering; Stops filtering.
ToggleEditMode; Toggles editing mode for the selected item.
XYToItem(X, Y: Single): TTMSFNCKanbanBoardItem; Returns the item at a specific X and Y coordinate
XYToItemIndex(X, Y: Single): TTMSFNCKanbanBoardItem; Returns the index of an item at a specific X and Y coordinate.

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