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TTMSFNCEdit extends TEdit and adds several capabilities such as autocompletion, Lookup and supports edit types such as alphanumeric, numeric, float, uppercase, lowercase, money, ….

The lookuplist can be enabled by setting the enabled property to true:

 TMSFNCEdit1.Lookup.Enabled := True;
To display the list while typing, items can be added to the displaylist. The amount of displayed items when typing can be controlled with TMSFNCEdit1.Lookup.DisplayCount.
 TMSFNCEdit1.Lookup.DisplayList.Add('Item 1');
 TMSFNCEdit1.Lookup.DisplayList.Add('Hello World !');

When typing, the list shows after 2 characters, with the property TMSFNCEdit1.Lookup.NumChars this can be modified. When typing text, the text that is typed can also be automatically added to the list by setting TMSFNCEdit1.Lookup.History to true. Autocompletion can be actived with TMSFNCEdit1.AutoComplete := True; The edit automatically displays the item that matches the characters typed in the edit.

 TMSFNCEdit1.AutoComplete := True;
 TMSFNCEdit1.Lookup.DisplayList.Add('Hello World !');

The text in the edit can be displayed as password characters by setting TMSFNCEdit1.Password := True;