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The TMSFNCDatePicker is using the TMSFNCCalendar as a selector. Therefore, most of the accessible properties and events are the same.

Date selection

With the SelectedDate property, the currently selected date can be set both at designtime and programmatically. This date is displayed in the picker itself:

TMSFNCDatePicker1.SelectedDate := Now;
When the Editable field is enabled, text can be written inside the dropdown field. It requires the correct date format, otherwise it will reset back to today’s date when the selector popup gets opened. If the written date is correctly formatted, then upon opening the selector popup, the picker will set the selected date from the editable field.


The calendar selector’s width and height can be set via the DropDownWidth and DropDownHeight properties.

TMSFNCDatePicker1.DropDownHeight := 235;
TMSFNCDatePicker1.DropDownWidth := 235;



Property name Description
DropDownHeight Sets the dropdown’s height.
DropDownWidth Sets the dropdown’s width.
Editable Sets the picker’s date display area to an editable field
SelectedDate This property can be used to return and to set the selected date.


Event name Description
OnDateSelected Event called when a date gets selected.