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TTMSFNCColorSelector / TTMSFNCColorPicker


The TTMSFNCColorSelector and TTMSFNCColorPicker are components that are pre-configured, adding a standard set of colors to select from. Selecting a color is as easy as implementing the OnColorSelected event and/or programmatically retrieve the selected color with the TMSFNCColorSelector.SelectedColor or TMSFNCColorPicker.SelectedColor property. The picker variant displays the selector in a popup.

The TTMSFNCColorSelector and TTMSFNCColorPicker inherit from a base that allows a high level of customization. Each base supports an item collection that can be displayed in a column and row structure. Each item can be optionally hidden and/or disabled, stretched over a column and / or row span and can also be optionally configured as a seperator. The TTMSFNCColorSelector component overrides and adds a Color property to the base collection item class.

The base selector and picker classes support custom drawing on three levels: the background, the content and the text. A sample can be found at the TTMSFNCBitmapSelector / TTMSFNCBitmapPicker chapter.