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Getting Started

After installing TMS FNC Core, please follow instructions on getting the TTMSFNCWebBrowser up and running, which is the underlying component for TMS FNC Maps. More information about the browser and its capabilities can be found at the following link:

After installing TMS FNC Maps, the first thing that needs to be done is acquiring an API key (except for OpenLayers which is free and doesn’t require an API key). Steps to obtain an API key for enabling the map as well as using directions, geocoding and location services can be found at the following page:

Click on the service you are using and follow the steps to obtain an API key. The API key that is requested can be used for all features that are available after installing TMS FNC Maps:

  • TTMSFNCMaps (and descendants)
  • TTMSFNCDirections
  • TTMSFNCGeoCoding
  • TTMSFNCLocation
  • TTMSNFCElevation