Property name Description
Value Sets the value that determines the position of the Value Dot according to ValueOptions below.
ValueOptions Includes the following settings
ValueIndicator Sets the display of the Value Dot.
SetPointIndicator sets the display of the SetPoint Dot. This uses similar properties described above for ValueIndicator. In addition, it uses the following properties to display the SetPoint Dot with an inner dot to distinguish it from the Value Dot.
CircleOptions includes properties to control the display of the circular track. These are the same properties as described in TTMSFNCWidgetProgress earlier. But TTMSFNCWidgetSetPoint uses only a few of them as indicated below because it does not need to display a progress arc. You can ignore rest of the properties.
Tickmarks Includes properties to display tick marks around the circular track on the outside.
SetPointStripFill sets the color of the shaded difference strip joining the SetPoint and the Value Dots.
CaptionOptions Sets a caption to show on the widget.