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TTMSFNCWidgetSetPoint displays the Value of a parameter and a SetPoint (desired) value of the same parameter on a circular scale. The idea is to highlight the difference between the current Value and the SetPoint which is the desired value. At the same time, the application can use its own logic to display the center text and a starting and ending text based on the difference above.



A Demo is included in the source in a subfolder “Demo\WidgetsSetPointAndLcdLabel.” In this Demo, the SetPoint Widget shows the status of a Thermostat. SetPoint value is set at 25. That is also indicated by the green needle of the Gauge widget on the left. In the screenshot, the current temperature is 45 and hence the Thermostat is cooling towards the SetPoint temperature. The strip between the SetPoint and the current Value gives a visual indication of the difference. The Demo allows changing the temperature by a track bar to see how it affects the Thermostat.


  • Intuitive display of SetPointIndicator and ValueIndicator with a Strip joining them that is shaded to quickly see how far the Value is from SetPoint
  • Properties to customize the colors of Value and SetPoint Indicators and the Strip
  • Properties to customize the look of the circular track and tick marks
  • Properties to customize the starting, ending and center text showing the status
  • Option to display a Caption text at the top or bottom

Code Snippets

Set a SetPoint and a Value

 TMSFNCWidgetSetPoint1.SetPoint := 25;
 TMSFNCWidgetSetPoint1.Value := 45;

Set the caption

 TMSFNCWidgetSetPoint1.CaptionOptions.Text := 'Thermostat';

Change Center Text

 TMSFNCWidgetSetPoint1.Tickmarks.CenterText := 'Heating'