Property name Description
Count When set to a Non Zero value, shows that many tick marks around the progress circle.
Size Sets the length of the tick marks.
Stroke Sets the stroke to draw tickmarks.
Gap Sets the gap between the circle and the start of a tick mark.TTMSFNCDashboard5
CenterText Sets the text to show at the center of the tick mark circle below the Value text.

If you set the properties CircleOptions.StartAngle and CircleOptions.EndAngle to a non-complete circle then you can use the following additional properties in TickMarks.

Property name Description
StartEndMarkSize Sets a different size (length) of the starting and ending tick mark as shown above. This is usually done with a Start and End angle that defines a non-complete circle.
StartEndMarkWidth Sets a different width of the starting and ending tick mark.
StartText Sets a text label to show near the starting mark.
EndText Sets a text label to show near the ending mark.

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