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TTMSFNCWidgetMarqueeProgress displays the progress of a process graphically in the form of a circle. In addition, this circle revolves like a marquee to indicate a running process. To use this control, just drop it on a form and use the Value property to show the progress. To make it revolve, you need to set its MarqueeAnimation property active.


  • Revolving progress circle Animation in addition to displaying the circular progress
  • Properties to customize the font and format of the displayed value
  • Option to display a Caption text at the top or bottom
  • Properties to customize the fill colors and thickness of the finished and unfinished portion of the revolving progress circle



A Demo is included in the source in a subfolder “Demo\WidgetMarqueeProgress.” In this Demo, two types of Widgets are demonstrated as shown above. The one on the right is the TTMSFNCWidgetMarqueeProgress control. The demo runs by itself showing an increasing progress value till it finishes at 100%.

Code Snippets

Set a progress value

 TMSFNCWidgetMarqueeProgress1.Value := 45;

Set the caption

 TMSFNCWidgetMarqueeProgress1.CaptionOptions.Text := 'Server Chicago';

Start the animation

 TMSFNCWidgetMarqueeProgress1.MarqueeAnimation.Active := true;