Property name Description
Value sets the Value to show.
ValueFormat sets the format to show on the LCD panel.
ValueFont sets the font to display the values on the divisions.
DialText sets the short description text on the dial.
DivisionCount sets the number of divisions to show on the scale.
DivisionColor sets the color of the division mark.
DivisionWidth sets the width of the division mark.
SubDivisionCount sets the number of subdivisions with divisions.
SubDivisionColor sets the color of subdivision mark.
SubDivisionWidth sets the width of the subdivision mark.
OuterCircle sets the color and width of the outermost circle
OuterRim sets the color and width of the outer rim which is shown on top of the outer circle.
InnerCircle sets the color and width of the innermost circle.
Arc includes the following properties
Digit includes the properties to control the display of LCD digits
Needle sets color of various parts of the needle.
Animation when set to true makes the needle move to the next value in animation.
ExtraNeedles allows to add more needles to the gauge as required either in Designer or by code. Each such extra needle has its own Value property and a set of color properties.
Sections allows to divide the scale and dial into multiple sections (sub ranges) with their own color and margins.