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TTMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator displays a distribution graph of Values and can accommodate a varying number of values. Moreover, it can display 5 types of graphs—Donut, Pie, Funnel, Horizontal bar and Vertical bar. The Donut and Funnel bar is already shown above. Here are the pictures of Horizontal bar, Vertical bar and Pie graphs.



  • Display the same distribution graph as a Donut, Funnel, Pie, Horizontal bar or Vertical bar
  • Flexible, can accommodate a varying count of values, calculating the distribution automatically
  • Ability to add the values directly in the Form Designer and in code.
  • Option to show the values as Percentages or Absolute values
  • Options to show a Header / Footer
  • Properties to customize the colors of value items

Code Snippets

Fill Values

 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[0].Value := 31 * 100;
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[0].Text := 'USA';
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[1].Value := 20 * 100;
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[1].Text := 'UK';
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[2].Value := 17 * 100;
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[2].Text := 'Belgium';
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[3].Value := 16 * 100;
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[3].Text := 'Germany';
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[4].Value := 10 * 100;
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[4].Text := 'Italy';
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[5].Value := 6 * 100;
 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Values[5].Text := 'Spain';

Change the graph type as Funnel

 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.DistributionType := dtFunnel;

Set a Header

 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.Header.Text := 'Sales by Countries';

Show absolute values instead of percentages

 TMSFNCWidgetDistributionIndicator1.ValueType := vtAbsolute;