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Important notice

To use the component, it is necessary to have TMS FNC UI Pack installed and in addition install the TMSFNCRESTClientEditor package manually. More information can be found here.



The TTMSFNCRESTClientEditor can be used configure and test HTTP requests, this component can be linked with a TTMSFNCRESTClient component or can be used sperately. When the additional packages are installed the editor will be used to configure the TTMSFNCRESTClient in Design-Time. And as a component in your tool palette. The editor adapts it style based on the theme of your IDE.

Placing the WebView dll's (for Windows)

To maximize your experience with the editor, we use TTMSFNCMemo to show and format the response. For this you will need to make sure the WebView2Loader_x86.dll and WebView2Loader_x64.dll are copied under System32 and SysWow64 folders. The dlls can be found after installation in the source directory under the folder "Edge Support". In case these aren't found then the default Memo will be used, however this control doesn't provide any highlighting.

Request Configuration


In the URL panel you can find all of the necessary information to configure the URL of your request. TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_URL


Add the different headers for your request. Multiple lines with the same header key, are highlighted. TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_Headers


The most common authorization types are supported (OAuth and OAuth2 aren't implemented in the current version.) TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_Authorization


Changing the body also changes the Content-Type and Content-Length headers. TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_Body


A overview of the previously executed requests. Selecting one of the items will load the configuration of that request. TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_History


This is a textual summary of what was configured for the request. TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_Raw


Response Text

This is the text that is retrieved from the server. TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_Response (The TMSFNCMemo supports the HTML and JSON formats.-

Response Headers

This is a list of the headers that are retrieved from the server. TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_ResponseHeaders


A build-in webbrowser that shows you the retrieved test. (It can also show you images and pdf-files.) TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_Preview

Delphi Class

If the response you was JSON, then you have the option to convert the retrieved object to a Delphi Class. TMSFNCRESTClientEditor_Class