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The TTMSFNCCloudWhatsApp component provides access to the WhatsApp Business Cloud API. You can use this component to send various messages to users.

Authorization information

API Key. This API works directly from your business account. This does not work on behalf of a user. As such, there is no log in or authentication required. You only need to provide your API Key and Phone number ID. These are used in the call as is. Do not distribute this information in a client application.


Property name Description
PhoneNumberID ID of the phone number you want to use to send messages. Configured using the online WhatsAppplatform
APIVersion Set the target version of the the WhatsApp Business Cloud API. Defaults to version 14.0
Files Readonly list of all uploaded Files. After uploading/sending files for the first time these will be added automatically.
Messages ReadOnly list of all sent messages.


Method name Description
CreateContact Creates a Contact object with some basic properties. Returns this contact
UploadAudio Uploades a audio file or stream to the WhatsApp API
UploadDocument Uploades a document file or stream to the WhatsApp API
UploadSticker Uploades a Sticker file or stream to the WhatsApp API
UploadImage Uploades a Image file or stream to the WhatsApp API
UploadVideo Uploades a Video file or stream to the WhatsApp API
SendContacts Send A single contact object or a array of contacts to a person
SendLocation Send A location to someone. Latitude and longitude are required.
SendMedia Send a uploaded media file to someone. Provide the Media ID or Index in the Files property to send the correct file
SendTextMessage Send a simple text message
SendImage Uploades image if needed and sends it to someone
SendAudio Uploades audio if needed and sends it to someone
SendDocument Uploades document if needed and sends it to someone
SendSticker Uploades sticker if needed and sends it to someone
SendVideo Uploades video if needed and sends it to someone


Event name Description
OnUploadSuccess Event called when a file has been uploaded. Returns the media object with ID.
OnSendSuccess Event called when a message has been sent successfully! This returns the sent message.
OnError Event called when an error occurs during an API Call!


Send a simple Text Message

procedure TForm1.SendContact(Sender: TObject);
  TMSFNCCloudWhatsApp1.SendTextMessage('0000000000', 'Hello World');

Create and Send a Contact

procedure TForm1.SendContact(Sender: TObject);
  Contact: TTMSFNCCloudWhatsAppContact;
  Contact := TMSFNCCloudWhatsApp1.CreateContact('firstName', 'lastName');
  TMSFNCCloudWhatsApp1.SendContacts('00000000000', Contact)