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A component that provides access to the SumUp payment service. It allows users to make payments using a credit card.


This component is not supported in a TMS WEB Core framework running on localhost due to technical limitations of the API


Property name Description
MerchantID: string; The ID tied to your merchant account necessary to initiate payments.
Checkout: TTMSFNCCloudSumUpCheckout; Checkout information such as the amount, and description about the product/service you are selling.
Card TTMSFNCCloudSumUpCard; The user credit card information to authorize the payment
CheckoutError: string; Error description when a payment failed.
CheckoutID: string; ID of the checkout after making a payment that is succesfull or still pending
TransactionID: string; ID of the transaction after making a succesfull payment


Methods name Description
procedure DoCheckout; Method to start a payment checkout after filling in the MerchantID, Checkout and Card information.


Event name Description
OnCheckoutFailed Event called when a checkout failed.
OnCheckoutAccepted Event called when a checkout is accepted.
OnCheckoutPending Event called when a checkout is pending.
OnCreateCheckout Event called when a checkout is created.
OnProcessCheckout Event called when a checkout is processed.
OnGetCheckoutAccess Event called when the component is request access to being creating the checkout.