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TTMSFNCCloudStorageServices is an abstract layer on top of the cloud file storage services described elsewhere in this document. It serves as a way to use the selected service in an abstract way, which means that whenever you are switching to another service, the code that was written will be 100% compatible and will behave exactly the same as the service you were originally using, ofcourse under the disclaimer that the service does not change the underlying APIs.


  • Set the Service property to the required cloud file storage service.
  • Set the Authentication.ClientID, Authentication.Secret and Authentication.CallBackURL values for the selected service.
  • To change to a difference service, simply change the Service and Authentication values.

Supported services

  • Box
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Hubic *


Hubic does not support Search, Rename or Move. This is a limitation of the Hubic API service


The Hubic cloud storage service has been deprecated


Property name Description
Drive A list of files and folders
Service Set the cloud file storage service to use


Methods name Description
CreateFolder Create a new folder
Delete Delete a file or folder from the drive
Download Download a file from the drive
GetFolderList Retrieve the list of files and folders for the root folder or a specific folder
GetFolderListHierarchical Retrieve the list of files and folders for specific folder and add them to the Drive list
Search Search for files and folders based on a query
Upload Upload a file to the drive
MoveFile Move a file to a different folder
MoveFileToRoot Move a file to the root folder
RenameFile Rename an existing file