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A component that provides access to various SMS services. It allows to send SMS messages to a given telephone number.

Supported services

  • BulkSMS
  • InfoBip
  • Spryng
  • Twilio


The BulkSMS service is not supported in the TMS WEB Core framework due to technical limitations of the API

Authorization information

  • Twilio: Client ID, Client Secret, valid from Telephone Number
  • BulkSMS, Twilio: Client ID, Client Secret
  • InfoBip, Sprying: API Key


  • Set the Service property to the required SMS service.
  • Set the Authentication.ClientID, Authentication.Secret or Authentication.APIKey values for the selected service.
  • To change to a difference service, simply change the Service and Authentication values.


Method name Description
SendCloudSMS Sends an SMS message to the telephone number provided in the ATo parameter with the ABody text value. Providing a telephone number in the AFrom parameter is required.


    TMSFNCCloudSMS1.Service := cssTwilio;
    TMSFNCCloudSMS1.ClientID := 'ABC123';
    TMSFNCCloudSMS1.Secret := 'XYZ987';
    TMSFNCCloudSMS1.SendCloudSMS('+123456789', '+198765432', 'Hello World!');