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A component that provides access to the Outlook Mail service. It allows to retrieve and send email messages. File attachments can also be included when sending emails.

Authorization information

Client ID, Client Secret, CallBack URL



Property name Description
Folders A list of Outlook Folders
Mails A list of Outlook Mail messages


Method name Description
GetFolders Fill the list of Folders
GetMails Fill the list of Mails. Optionally a FolderID can be specified to only retrieve items from a specificfolder. By default only the items from the ‘Inbox’ folder are retrieved. If no FolderID is specified the items for all folders are returned. For specific system folders the name of the folder can be used as FolderID, this includes ‘Inbox’, ‘Drafts’, ‘SentItems’ and ‘DeletedItems’.Optionally a PageSize and PageIndex can be provided, if not, the first 100 items are returned
SendMessage Send an email message. At least one Recipient email address is required, the other parameters are optional