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A component that provides access to the Microsoft Outlook Calendar service. It allows to read, create, update & delete Outlook Calendars and Outlook Calendar Events.

Authorization information

Client ID, Client Secret, CallBack URL


Property name Description
Calendars A list of Outlook Calendars.
Items A list of Outlook Events.


Method name Description
GetCalendars Fill the list of Calendars
AddCalendar Add a new Calendar entry to the list of Google Calendars
DeleteCalendar Delete an existing Calendar
GetCalendar Fill the Items list with calendar events from a Calendar for a certain timespan. If no ID is provided, the events are retrieved from the default Calendar. If no FromDate/ToDate is specified the events are retrieved for the default timespan
GetItemByID Retrieve a single Event based on the ID of the Calendar and the Event ID
Add Add a new Event to the calendar as specified by Item.CalendarID
UpdateItem Update an existing Event
Delete Delete an existing Event