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A component that provides access to the Microsoft OneDrive / Microsoft OneDrive for Business service. It allows to read, create and delete folders as well as read, upload, move, rename, download and delete files.

Authorization information

Client ID, Client Secret, CallBack URL


Property name Description
OneDrive A list of files and folders.
Info Account info


Method name Description
CreateFolder Create a new folder
Delete Delete a file or folder from the drive
Download Download a file from the drive
GetAccountInfo Retrieve the account info
GetFolderList Retrieve the list of files and folders for the root folder or a specific folder
GetFolderListHierarchical Retrieve the list of files and folders for specific folder and add them to the OneDrive list
GetShare Retrieve a share URL to a file or folder. Optionally indicate if the Share is ReadOnly or not
Search Search for files based on a query
Upload Upload a file to the drive
MoveFile Move a file to a different folder
MoveFileToRoot Move a file to the root folder
RenameFile Rename an existing file