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A component that provides access to the Google YouTube service. It allows to read and upload videos.

Authorization information

Client ID, Client Secret, CallBack URL


Property name Description
Videos A list of YouTube Videos
CommentThreads A list of YouTube comments


Methods name Description
DeleteVideo Delete an existing video
GetVideoDetails Retrieve details for the specified Video
GetVideoRating Retrieve the rating for the specified Video
SetVideoRating Set the rateing for the specified Video
GetAllVideos Fill the list of Videos
GetFirstVideos Fill the list of Videos. If more Videos are available then the specified maximum number, these can be retrieved with GetNextVideos
GetNextVideos Fill the list of Videos with the remaining Videos after using GetFirstVideos
GetAllCommentThreads Fill the list of CommentThreads for the specified Video
GetLatestCommentThreads Fill the list of CommentThreads with the newest comments
GetNextCommentThreads Fill the list of CommentThreads with the remaining comments after using GetLatestCommentThreads
UploadVideo Upload a new Video
UpdateVideo Update the Title, Description and CategoryID of an existing Video