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A component that provides access to the Google Calendar service. It allows to read, create, update& delete Google Calendars and Google Calendar Events.

Authorization information

Client ID, Client Secret, CallBack URL


Property name Description
Calendars A list of Google Calendars.
Items A list of Google Calendar Events.


Methods name Description
GetCalendars Fill the list of Calendars
AddCalendar Add a new Calendar entry to the list of Google Calendars. The Summary, Description, Location and TimeZone properties are used to initialize the Calendar
DeleteCalendar Delete an existing Google Calendar
UpdateCalendar Update an existing Google Calendar. The Summary, Description, Location and TimeZone properties can be updated
GetCalendar Fill the Items list with Calendar Events from a Google calendar for a certain timespan. If no ID is provided, the Events are retrieved from the default Google Calendar. If no FromDate/ToDate is specified the Events are retrieved for the default timespan. When ChangedSince is used, only Events that changed since the specified date/time are retrieved
GetColors Fill the list of ItemColors and CalendarColors with the predefined values from the Google Calendar service
GetItemByID Retrieve a single Event based on the ID of the Google Calendar and the Event ID
Add Add a new Event to the Calendar as specified by Item.CalendarID
Update Update an existing Event
Delete Delete an existing Event