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TTMSFNCCloudGoogleAnalytics is a component that provides access to the Google Analytics service. It enables to get insights into how visitors find and use your site, and how to keep them coming back.



Method name Description
GetData(AStartDate: string = 'today'; AEndDate: string = 'today'; AMaxResults: Integer = 1000): string; Gets all the data that was requested by adding dimensions & metrics to the RequestData property.


Property name Description
Data: TTMSFNCCloudGoogleAnalyticsData The returned data.
RequestData: TTMSFNCCloudGoogleAnalyticsRequestData The place to distinguish the needed dimensions and metrics.
ErrorMessages: TTMSFNCCloudGoogleAnalyticsErrorMessages Can set the error message for metrics and dimensions, when that error occurs.


Event name Description
OnRetrieveData Event called when successfully retrieving data from the service.
OnRetrieveDataError Event called when an error occurs during data retrieval.

For more information about metrics and dimensions, please see the analytics reporting api and analytics realtime reporting api



Property name Description
Data: TTMSFNCCloudGoogleAnalyticsStringArrayList A list of all requested data (in the same order as requested)