Property name Description
Autosize Enables autosizing of the y-axis. Autosizing automatically calculates the spacing for all y-axis enabled series
Border Optionally displays the border of the y-axis.
DisplayAtReferenceValue Optionally displays the centered Y-Axis at a specific reference value based on the ReferenceValueSeriesIndex property
Fill* The fill of the y-axis
Line The height of the y-axis.
Positions Draws a single line on the y-axis rectangle based on its position in the Chart
ReferenceValue The value where the centered Y-Axis is placed based on the ReferenceValueSeriesIndex and ReferenceValue properties.
ReferenceValueSeriesIndex The index of the series that is being referenced to calculate the position of the centered Y-Axis based on the ReferenceValue property
Stroke* The y-axis positions, which can be top, center, bottom or combinations of those three values.
Visible The stroke of the y-axis.
Width Shows / hides the y-axis.

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