Property name Description
Adapter Optional source to get data form, can be TTMSFNCChartDatabaseAdapter or TTMSFNCChartGridAdapter
Appearance Set the look of the chart with the color scheme and global font.
ClickMargin The margin which is used to detect a point when clicking on the Chart.
DefaultLoadOptions The default settings used to load data.
Fill* The fill of the background of the Chart.
Interaction Enables or disables interaction on the Chart.
InteractionOptions Interaction options for the Chart
Legend The Legend of the Chart.
Series The collection of series.
SeriesMargins Additional margins applied to the series rectangle after calculation based on the x-axis, y-axis and title.
Stroke* The stroke of the Chart.
Title The title of the Chart.
XAxis The x-axis of the Chart.
YAxis The y-axis of the Chart.