Property name Description
AntiAliasing Turn AntiAliasing on or off, to improve quality or speed. By default AntiAliasing is true
Appearance The appearance of the items in the toolbar
BitmapContainer A reference to an instance of TTMSFNCBitmapContainer, used when assigning a Bitmaps to the items
BloxControl A reference to an instance of TTMSFNCBloxControl to interact with it and update the toolbar items / panels
EmbeddedItemPosition The position of the items in embedded mode
EmbeddedMode Embedded mode displays the panel inside the control at all times instead of the default popup mode
EmbeddedSize The size of the panels when displaying them in embedded mode
Fill The fill of the toolbar
Items[Index] The items of the toolbar
Mode The mode of the toolbar, to be display horizontally or vertically
SelectedItemIndex The index of the item that is currently selected
Stroke The stroke of the toolbar